Bodyweight Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Gideon Akande Profile Pic and Bodyweight Workout Expert

Gideon Akande

•@MensHealthMag Top Trainer  •@RIPTENSITY training program creator  •2x Chicago Golden Gloves champ

The old saying, “There are always a thousand reasons to not do something” is especially true for those committed to maintaining an active lifestyle. Balancing the demands of full-time jobs, caretaking, or schooling makes full-body workouts even harder. Not everyone has ample time and energy to squeeze in a quick workout at the end of the day.

For devoted gym goers, the reality is that some days they are unable to make it to the facility for a variety of reasons. On top of that, trips out of town may eliminate the option altogether. In order to avoid skipping a workout altogether, everyone needs a bodyweight exercises that can be done anywhere, regardless of the location. This is why we recommend having adding these bodyweight workouts to your routine.

Some of the most popular bodyweight exercises include: squats, push-ups, wide-grip pull-ups, burpees, sit-ups, V-ups, chin ups, and step-ups. This list includes great upper body and lower body workouts, as well as full body workouts.

Along with the dilemma of breaking from routine, people often lose interest in their daily or weekly workout regimen. At least for most people, monotony is lethal when it comes to sustaining motivation.

Here to help is Gideon Akande, a world class motivator and fitness influencer. Having been named Men’s Health “Next Top Trainer” in 2015, his services are always in high demand, so he stays on the go. When he is unable to access a facility or equipment, his go-to workout is using his bodyweight with a twist – literally.

No matter the exercise, never be afraid to switch it up! Not only will it be more enjoyable, but you will see more results”

Whether you are interested in strength training, bodyweight training or interval training, Gideon suggests throwing in variations to virtually any and every workout. This will help push your body to its limits and keep you from getting bored.

“Adding variations provides challenge and reignites interest in just about whatever you’re doing,” he said. “Here are some fun variations that you can try anywhere.”

One of the best parts about variations is that you can target specific muscles in these at-home workouts. Trying to get stronger triceps? Try decline push-ups. Looking to work on your six-pack? Throw in some mountain climbers after your squats. Want to boost your hear-rate? Bust out the kettle bell and do some high-intensity interval training, like burpees or wide-grip pull-ups.

How should you structure your bodyweight workout?

Here are a few equipment-free Bodyweight Workout suggestions from Gideon Akande:

  • Push-ups
  • Lunges
  • Lunge to Squat
  • Side Plank Leg Lift
  • Reverse Glute lunge
  • V-sits

For more great instructions from Gideon, follow him on Instagram or visit his website.  Watch Gideon model the workout in the video below, or add a few Jump Rope Variations to your routine.

Watch Gideon model the workout in the video below.

Gideon Akande Profile Pic and Bodyweight Workout Expert

Gideon Akande

•@MensHealthMag Top Trainer  •@RIPTENSITY training program creator  •2x Chicago Golden Gloves champ?

Gideon Akande Anywhere Bodyweight Workout Feature Image

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