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Gideon Akande Profile Pic and Bodyweight Workout Expert

Gideon Akande

•@MensHealthMag Top Trainer  •@RIPTENSITY training program creator  •Battle Rope Believer

Inevitably, there will be a piece of workout equipment or machine at your gym that is completely unfamiliar to you.

As an example, health and wellness coach Gideon Akande notes: “You’ve probably noticed industrial-sized ropes around their gym and wondered what they are for.” 

Battle ropes training offers a ton of benefits. They target the whole body, help improve balance and coordination, and support better cardiovascular health. In addition, they are just plain fun to use. Gideon says that this type of training burns a lot of calories while building lean muscle. 

Gideon demonstrates numerous exercises you can do with these ropes, such as the wave and the slam. To learn the proper technique, make sure to watch the video to see how a professional does it.

You can make battle ropes even more effective by incorporating multiple movements in a single exercise”

Adding these to your workout routine will encourage muscle building while providing a killer cardio workout. More surprisingly, they can also be used to help the body relax. If you manage your breathing and keep the intensity low, battle ropes can be a decompression tool for your body at the end of a more strenuous workout. 

These ropes come in all shapes and sizes, and the one you have access to depends on what gym you belong to. They are typically available in 1.5” or 2” diameter. Just to prepare your first go with them, recognize that the 1.5” ropes weigh 28 pounds, while the 2” battle ropes weigh 53 pounds. The former is good rope for any level of fitness, while the latter is a better option for stronger fitness enthusiasts who have good endurance. The 1.5” ropes are better if you are looking for a more high-intensity workout because it is light enough for repetitive motion.

Battle ropes may be a foreign piece of equipment, but Generation Active is here to get you fluent. Don’t be afraid to ask a trainer at your local gym for more details and insights into the multi-use ropes.

Watch Gideon talk about how to properly use them in the video below.  Make sure to see more of his moves in his Jump Rope Variations or how to effectively work your core in 60 Second Abs.

Gideon Akande Profile Pic and Bodyweight Workout Expert

Gideon Akande

•@MensHealthMag Top Trainer  •@RIPTENSITY training program creator  •2x Chicago Golden Gloves champ? •Battle Rope Believer

Gideon Akande doing a battle rope routine

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