Full Body Treadmill Workout

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Nikki Metzger

Cover model, gym owner, former Women’s Health Magazine Next Fitness Star and Nike Master Trainer.

When it comes to cardio, there is one type of exercise equipment that usually comes to mind:  the treadmill. A staple in gyms across the country, this machine has been the preferred choice of fitness enthusiasts for years. According to Sports & Fitness Industry Association, treadmills continue to be the largest selling exercise equipment category by a large margin. 

A treadmill workout is a form of aerobic exercise. Benefits from using the treadmill include weight loss and improved endurance. The beauty of this machine is that it is multi-seasonal. For some Americans, running outdoors is not a luxury they can enjoy year-round, as the winter months make it difficult to exercise outside. Treadmills, on the other hand, enable runners to get their exercise in no matter the conditions outdoors.

This modern-day running machine is an intuitive piece of equipment, but some people might not fully realize all of its customizable settings. Sure, everyone knows that you can adjust the speed, but the options do not stop there. Most treadmills in American gyms allow for different kinds of workouts. You can run at an incline, for example, and also do speed interval training.

Nikki Metzger, a Nike Master Trainer and a Generation Active contributor, says that interval training is probably the best mode for treadmills. 

Studies show that interval training will boost your endurance and keep you burning calories for hours”

Nikki recommends a three-minute warm up before getting into your sprints. Punctuate your sprinting with some cool-down walking. Studies have shown that compared to moderate, continuous running, interval running improves aerobic endurance and increases the stimulus on the muscles. And because modern treadmills allow for dynamic exercises, it is the perfect machine for interval training.

Nikki demonstrates in the video that this machine isn’t just for walking or running on a conveyor belt. If you are at the gym during rush hour, you can use the treadmill for other strength training exercises, such as rows and dips and even squats. Watch the video to see how Nikki utilizes every part of the machine to maximize her workout. 

Watch below, or check out some more of her moves with a Jump Rope.

Nikki Metzger Profile Pic

Nikki Metzger

Cover model, gym owner, former Women’s Health Magazine Next Fitness Star and Nike Master Trainer.

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