Delicious Grilled Octopus

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Tooth.and.Nail is the pseudonym of food-based Creative Director & photographer Juliana Schneider. 

Any foodie knows that exotic meals are all the craze these days. In fact, many cuisines that were once viewed as off the wall and ugly are now becoming normal. New technology has made traveling and sharing information easier and more efficient than ever before. This development influences virtually every aspect of culture, in particular the culinary world, which brings us to this Grilled Octopus Recipe.  

Octopus is one prime example of a non-traditional American food choice that is growing in popularity across the country. Although not everyone has made the plunge into sampling this unattractive deep-sea dweller, their tentacles have now reached mainline restaurants across the country. 

Those looking to maintain a healthy diet should celebrate this trend, as these eight-limbed mollusks are high in protein, low in fat and carbs, and contain no sugar, according to Precision Nutrition. They’re also a great source of vitamin B12.

Of course, flavor preferences are subjective in nature, so few people love everything that appears on a restaurant menu. Still, cooking popular contemporary dishes is a smart way to impress friends and family by showing off your master chef skills. The prospect of cooking this spineless creature seems like a nightmare for many people.

Enter Tooth.and.Nail with
a Grilled Octopus Recipe

Here to help is Juliana Schneider, a popular food stylist whose has been featured on Food Network website who goes by the name of Tooth.and.Nail on Instagram.  Juliana says that making Grilled Octopus is easy and you shouldn’t be intimidated by it! Schneider recommends the following simple steps…

  • Clean in boiling water
  • Sprinkle on salt or preferred seasoning
  • Grill or sauté with olive oil
  • Serve with a lemon wedge 

Once cooked, pair the dish with some flavorful chili or tomato-based sauce to help add an extra kick. Open up a bottle of dry white wine or medium bodied red to go along with dinner and your guests will be eager for a return visit when they leave.

Watch the video below to see an artful demonstration of the cooking process, or see some more of her beautiful work with this Avocado Toast with Beet Hummus and Sculpted Rose.  

Tooth.and.Nail profile pic of a hand holding delicious looking pastries


Tooth.and.Nail is the pseudonym of Juliana Schneider, a Chicago-based creative director & photographer whose work focuses on her passion for food and manicures.

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