Gym Bag Essentials: How to Pack for Fitness Success

Gym Bag Essentials: How to Pack for Fitness Success

Whether you are working from home or back in the office, forgetting to pack an important piece of workout gear is the easiest way to spoil a trip to the gym. Using a backpack or duffle bag to keep a change of clothes and other needed gym items is an easy way to avoid this headache. But which kind of bag is best, and what all should you pack in it? What stays in or comes out once you get home? This depends on your daily routine, as explained in a recent Lifehacker article. For example, those who rely on public transit may want a backpack to help keep their hands free. Some people might want to consider shoe tunnels. And everyone needs to make sure they take out the sweaty clothes and rinse out the protein shaker once they get back home. Read more.


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