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Camille Dg

Camille Dg is a Montreal-based fitness influencer with a passion for travel, sports, and fashion.

Travel isn’t supposed to be a daunting experience. It’s supposed to provide an escape, however brief, from the mundane day-to-day. But for those who hope to maintain their exercise routine, travel fitness can be a little unnerving, as it easily disrupts the flow of things.

No matter the purpose of a trip, whether it be for work or for leisure, travel seems to find a way to discourage fitness. For one, access to an adequate gym may prove difficult. It’s true that some hotels offer a gym in their list of amenities. As most workout warriors know, though, this is not always case. And even if there is a hotel gym, it rarely meets expectations.

For Camille Dg, the Canadian globetrotter and model, working out in a foreign gym is less than ideal. She doesn’t like using unfamiliar equipment to replace her regular routine. Instead, Camille insists that a hotel room offers enough space to complete a workout.

Camille tries to dedicate 20 minutes a day to muscle work, which she can accomplish in her own hotel room for her daily exercise. And while nothing can substitute the experience of working out with her friends at the health club, she says there are other ways to ensure her fitness is up to par. For example, Camille uses an app on her watch that monitors her fitness levels. She calls it a necessary tool for those who have to exercise on the go.

Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you need to stop your routine”

Beyond muscle work in the confines of her hotel room, Camille also likes to go running for her travel fitness. As Camille notes, running is a sport that is possible anywhere in the world – on beaches, in the streets.

Camille concedes that finding the time to work out may be the hardest part. Most travelers can attest to the challenges of carving out time in a busy schedule. Itineraries only have so many hours in a day, after all.

Camille suggests that making time for exercise is always the first step. And she appears to have invented a way to hack the travel fitness problem.

“To stay fit, I stick to a schedule. I make sure to find the time. First of all, when you travel, time slots seem to be difficult. So I wake up really early in the morning,” she says.

Generation Active is not demanding a 5:00 a.m. wake-up call. At the same time, even 30 minutes added to your morning is enough to accomplish the basics.

Everyone has a different agenda when they are traveling. Some want to discover new places. Others just want to survive a business meeting. With these simple workouts, as seen below, anyone can stay fit and maintain their exercise routine.

How to turn your hotel room into a travel fitness studio?  Camille shows you one of her favorite hotel workout routine video below.  After watching this, see Camille talk about her love of retro fitness fashion styles or the Benefits of a HIIT workout.

Fashion, Fitness, and Travel Influencer Camille DG Profile Picture

Camille Dg

Camille Dg is a bilingual Montreal-based business owner and blogger who writes about fitness and travel.

Camille DG exercising in her hotel room

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