How Excess Weight May Impact Your Vitamin D Absorption

How Excess Weight May Impact Your Vitamin D Absorption

Carrying unnecessary weight can lead to various health problems, especially when the excess becomes extreme. A new article from Medical News Today examined research that indicated vitamin D supplementation in people with obesity “does not correct the deficiency as effectively as it does in people with a BMI under 25.”

Vitamin D deficiency is not just important for fighting off a common cold, as the piece points out. It is also correlated with diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and various autoimmune conditions.

Dr. Linia Patel, a dietitian and sports nutritionist, told the outlet: “If you are having a higher BMI, you are more at risk of cardiometabolic risk factors, and what’s fantastic for me, as a public health dietitian, is [that] if we supplement people with vitamin D, we reduce that risk.”

Interestingly, Dr. Patel also acknowledged that previous research indicates Vitamin D supplementation may not make a difference in reducing risk factors. Supplementing via pills is of course different from natural Vitamin D intake, such as getting sunlight. Getting more sunlight can actually impact exercise and fitness, so anyone looking to shed a few pounds can definitely benefit from spending more time in the sun.

Regardless of the impact of Vitamin D supplements, getting and staying active is critical for a long and healthy life. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to get started on building active lifestyle habits.

Research has shown that going for a short, five-minute walk can offset problems that result from a sedentary routine. Additionally, a new study found that a mere six minutes of high-intensity exercise can add years to a person’s life by delaying the onset of brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.


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