How the Viral “Hot Girl Walk” TikTok Video Gets Fitness Right

How the Viral “Hot Girl Walk” TikTok Video Gets Fitness Right

Two years ago, one college senior started a fitness movement with relatively ordinary advice: go for a walk. The secret sauce wasn’t in the workout itself – which of course has been around forever – but rather in the accompanying paradigm proffered in conjunction with the walk.

Mia Lind, a now popular TikTok creator, had a modest following at the time. When she shared the mindset that led to her physical transformation in January 2021, however, Lind’s signature “hot girl walk” routine went viral. Today, #hotgirlwalk is an international sensation and beloved social media hashtag that has garnered nearly 6.5 million views.

Lind told CBS News that she’s strangers often reach out to her with stories about how her simply advice has changed their lives.

The hot girl walk consists of a four-mile walk outdoors that challenges the individual to consider three things: 1) what you’re grateful for 2) your goals and 3) how you’re going to achieve those goals.

The brain is a powerful engine that drives success in life and a little mindfulness can go a long way to improving the body physically and emotionally. The body and soul connection is mysterious and perplexing, but there is no doubting the important interplay between the two.

Lind’s routine may be simple, but it’s not easy. Walking four miles at a can easily eat up 90 minutes and – depending on the pace, weather and fitness level of the walker– may prove quite tiring. Starting small and building steadily is timeless wisdom and redirecting your thoughts can provide a helpful distraction from the difficulty of the exercise.

Lind thinks the results she’s seen from the unspectacular workout may be due to an unhelpful perception of walking.

“Our generation sees walking, or at least did… as not really a valid form of exercise,” she told CBS News. “For some people starting out, [running and ab workouts] can be really scary, and walking is a very accessible form of exercise. You can be at any fitness level to begin. It’s completely free.”


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