Is Facebook’s Meta Making Videogames Healthy?

Is Facebook’s Meta Making Videogames Healthy?

Anyone who played a competitive match against friends in Wii Tennis recalls that the movement-based game could force them to work up quite a sweat. Although Wii is no longer the latest and greatest craze within the video game market anymore, the dream of combining fun and fitness into video games has not died.

Meta Quest’s virtual reality experience might just make working out fun for people all around the world. Meta’s new heart-rate monitoring feature and Health Connect by Android integration will help users keep track of their fitness metrics, Facebook announced on January 11. For a limited time, Meta is offering customers a free Elite Strap when they purchase Meta Quest 2. The strap helps users balance and support their headset.

The Garmin HRM-Dual and Polar H10 are two heart-rate monitors (HRM) that the announcement confirmed will sync with Meta, but other HRMs may be able to pair with the device as well.

In addition to games, Meta offers a number of virtual reality fitness apps for those who want to take their workouts to a whole new world.

From boxing sessions in Liteboxer, jump shots in GYM CLASS – Basketball VR, or swinging away in Racket: Nx, there are many ways gamers can make exercise fun with Meta.

For many people, working out consistently is intimidating. This is often a result of unnecessarily high expectations for what exercise ought to entail. Staying healthy doesn’t require hour-long bike rides before the break of dawn or running on a treadmill for thirty minutes a day.

The European Heart Journal published a study in October that concluded just 20 minutes of vigorous physical activity every week was associated with a reduced mortality rate of up to 40 percent. If intense exercise is too daunting, simply going for a short walk can make a difference as well.

Of course, having fun always makes exercise easier and less arduous of a task. For anyone interested in virtual reality, utilizing Meta’s fitness options might just be a fun way to get started.


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