Mark Wahlberg Shares New Workout Advice He Finally Started Using

Mark Wahlberg Shares New Workout Advice He Finally Started Using

Part of Mark Wahlberg’s success as an A-List Hollywood star goes beyond simply his on-screen acting. Wahlberg’s workout routine off-camera has helped make him a versatile actor who can play an array of different characters. He’s begun to workout smarter, rather than harder. “I target muscle groups. I don’t have to lift as heavy, but I have to have better form, a longer hold and a longer squeeze,” Wahlberg told People. “I just wish I would’ve listened to the people who were trying to tell me these things and give me this kind of advice 20 years ago. I think because I’m training smarter, I’m getting the rest that I need. I’ll go three days on, one day off.” Read more.


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