New Fitness Company to Hire a CSO: Chief Step Officer

New Fitness Company to Hire a CSO: Chief Step Officer

A new fitness company that offers personalized workout advice is holding a $10,000 sweepstakes for one lucky fitness enthusiast who can walk 10,000 steps in a single day.

GymBird wants to make this person the company’s first hire, complete with the swanky title of Chief Step Officer (CSO). Participants in the sweepstakes must log 10,000 steps in a single 24-hour period in order to win.

Once completed the winner will report the results in a video interview that will be shared on GymBird’s website. Additional description surrounding the position is included below:

We’re passionate about helping people take the next step in their fitness journey—whether it’s your first time creating a fitness plan or you’re already a fitness pro.

Walking is one of our favorite ways to incorporate healthy, sustainable habits into your everyday life. You don’t need equipment or special training, and it’s a low-impact exercise.

The Chief Step Officer’s ultimate goal is to walk 10K steps in a single day. You’ll share your insights, challenges, thoughts, and feelings about your experience with us, so we can report the results on

Our CSO will have one month to achieve this, giving them time to gradually work their way from zero to 10K steps. By the last day of the month, they must walk the full 10,000 steps within a 24-hour period. You can clock your steps however you like: hiking, using a treadmill, doing laps at the mall, climbing stairs, or exploring your neighborhood—it’s up to you! Perhaps you’ll discover a new favorite ritual or hobby to enjoy beyond your tenure as Chief Step Officer.

For anyone who doesn’t win the CSO sweepstakes or isn’t interested in applying GymBird offers website visitors free advice on best workout apps, gyms and various kinds of workouts.

GymBird’s website also highlights the numerous health benefits of habitual walking – many of which are often underrated in modern society. Among these are longer life expectancy, reduced risk of heart disease and stroke, improved mental health and overall wellbeing.


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