New Peloton Treadmill Game Channels Mario Kart’s Iconic “Rainbow Road”

New Peloton Treadmill Game Channels Mario Kart’s Iconic “Rainbow Road”

Small distractions while working out can make a big difference in output and performance. Whether it’s upbeat music, competition from a sport, entertainment on a television or the scenic outdoors, taking your mind off the fact that your exercising can make a high-intensity workout feel like fun.

This is especially true for at-home workouts on stationary bikes or treadmills. That’s why Peloton launched Lanebreak – a thrilling new entertainment workout that syncs up to your exercise on the device.

Lanebreak forces users to keep a spinning wheel from falling off the track while scoring as many points as possible. The fun competition bears a striking similarity to one of the most popular video games from the 1990’s: Mario Kart.

Users can shift lanes by adjusting the treadmill’s speed and incline while listening to a variety of different music soundtracks that correspond with the intensity of the gameplay. Music styles include Pop, Electronic, R&B, Hip Hop, Rock, Metal, Country, and Latin.

Lanebreak also includes an immersive auto-incline feature for hills, in which the treadmill will “adjust its incline automatically to follow the curve shown to the user in the 3D world,” according to PCMag. The digital outlet also offered the following details regarding the new game:

Lanebreak Tread is part of Peloton’s $44 All-Access membership, which also offers unlimited access to the company’s workout video library on both your machine and in the Peloton app. Meanwhile, Peloton recently started moving beyond home gym machines with a new app feature offering self-guided workout plans for the gym.

The Peloton Tread earned an outstanding rating in our review, and our Editors’ Choice award, for its sleek, compact design and top-notch workout classes.

Last year, Mario Kart celebrated its 30th anniversary. It’s clear that the game’s legacy is showing no signs of slowing down.


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