NFL MVP and Super Bowl Champion Patrick Mahomes’ Workout Secrets Revealed

NFL MVP and Super Bowl Champion
Patrick Mahomes’ Workout Secrets Revealed

Professional athletes represent the highest levels of physical fitness and demonstrate the marvelous feats human beings are capable of achieving. This was on prominent display recently during Super Bowl LVII, one of the biggest annual sporting events in the world.

The star of the show was Kansas City Chiefs superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who has wowed spectators for half a decade now with his remarkable athleticism and spectacular arm strength. There is no doubt that Mahomes is a supremely gifted player and generational talent, but his success does not come without work.

The NFL’s Most Valuable Player maintains a strict and rigorous exercise routine in order to avoid injury throughout the grueling season and maintain his elite level of play week in and week out. Mahomes long-time trainer Bobby Stroupe recently shared the quarterback’s training routine with Men’s Journal.

Using a cable machine and medicine balls between 10 and 20 pounds, Stroupe details a six-step regiment with six reps for each side of the body. He recommends resting for one minute in between each set. The workouts include:

  • High-to-Low Cable Woodchop
  • Overhead Rainbow Med Ball Slam
  • Mid-level Cable Woodchop
  • Med Ball Rotational Throw
  • Low-to-High Cable Woodchop
  • Reverse Scoop Diagonal Med Ball Throw

In another Men’s Journal article, Stroupe explains the three-day concept he implements for Mahomes during the football season:

For that in-season training, we have a general going. The first day is mainly mobility that can look like a gymnastics workout with a lot of stretching, yoga, and Pilates. We do lots of poses and positions like backbends. […] Everything movement-wise we want to cover is covered on this day, making sure his squat and form looks smooth before we introduce weight.

The second day is more of a strength and conditioning workout with targeted loads. We’re toying with maximum strength and power. Patrick likes to lift heavy. […] Patrick is crazy strong and we can have him lifting 550 pounds. That training is definitely more traditional and they’re long days.

The last day is more of a neurological ramp-up. We’re looking to de-load, going below 20 percent of the usual load [but moving] at much faster speeds. […] I want to see explosive power when he’s throwing med balls. If you follow the progression, you can see the ultimate goal is to have him faster on game day.

Of course, the ultimate goal is winning a Super Bowl. Given the historic success Mahomes has achieved in his first five seasons as a starter, the results indicate Stroupe’s workout plan is working as designed.

“It’s a great way to engage the same muscles as the football with a different kind of implementation,” Stroupe said. “Patrick doesn’t want to lose at anything.”


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