How to Refuel After a Workout

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For all the myriad benefits that have resulted from the recent growth in the fitness industry, the movement is not beyond critique. 

All in all, it’s probably a net positive to see the proliferation of self-startup social media influencers inspiring their followers to stay active. However, it has also spread misinformation and imbalance at times. This includes a hyper-focus on exercise and a neglect of pre and post workout recovery advice. 

It only takes a few moments of consideration for someone to realize the importance of emphasizing proper decision-making before and after physical fitness. For example, a good night of sleep will enhance virtually every aspect of exercise and recovery.

As new science pours in, certified experts often have to correct misnomers and preconceived notions about workout recovery, such as the notorious reputation assigned to carbohydrates during the latter years of the twentieth century that lingers to this day.

Here to provide insight on the topic of a post-workout diet is Whitney English. Whitney is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and NASM Certified Personal Trainer. She started her career as journalist and thus knows the societal impact of telling the truth. Nowadays she spends much of her time de-bunking health trends on her quest of long-lasting wellness.

Properly refueling after a workout is important for building muscle and replenishing your energy. To do this you need both carbohydrates and protein.”

There is no need to rush to the kitchen after leaving the gym to optimize your workout recovery, but Whitney advises a relatively quick turnaround time for maximizing results. “Aim for about 30 to 60 grams of carbohydrates and 15 to 25 grams of protein within two hours after your workout,” she said. “This will optimize muscle building potential and ensure you’ve got plenty of energy for your post workout recovery.” 

One of the most important components of living healthy is a balanced diet. Moreover, nutrition plays a crucial role in fitness. Understanding which foods to eat in general is essential, yet there is also tremendous value in knowing when to eat them and how much to consume.

For more nutrition advice and workout instructions, follow Whitney on Instagram or check out the video below for more post-workout insight from Whitney or learn why she recommends a High Fiber Diet.

Whitney English Profile Pic

Whitney English

MS RDN? Totally Evidence-Based? NASM Certified Trainer ? Healthy Eating and Living Blogger

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