Resolutions and Achieving Your Fitness Goals

Gideon Akande Profile Pic and Bodyweight Workout Expert

Gideon Akande

•@MensHealthMag Top Trainer  •World Class Motivator  •2x Chicago Golden Gloves champ

Depending on the date on the calendar, accomplishing our New Year’s resolutions and fitness goals may feel more or less realistic. The consistency we have built up (or not) through a daily and weekly routine makes an even bigger difference on this perception, which can impact our motivation. If you haven’t followed through on your initial plan, it is easy to feel defeated and you might feel tempted to give up trying to achieve your fitness goals altogether.

One additional factor that everyone should remember when starting something new is patience. It takes time to build new habits and disciplines, particularly when it comes to health and fitness. Sadly, patience often gets forgotten in the hustle and bustle of our on-demand society. In a rush to get things done, we sometimes act hastily and waver in our commitment to sticking with a plan. This applies to more than just the New Year’s resolutions we plan at the start of the new year.

Enter a World Class Motivator

Thankfully, world-class motivator Gideon Akande is eager to help you take the next step toward getting back on track with a plan to help you achieve your fitness goals, regardless of whether or not you made them at the start of the new year. As a fitness and motivational expert, he knows the importance of staying healthy through daily exercise. Still, from his work as a personal trainer, he also understands the need for patience.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day,” Gideon says. “Anything worth accomplishing takes time and effort.”

Gideon knows that sticking with a set plan is just as important in setting clear and realistic goals from the outset. That’s why he devoted his fitness career to helping people stay motivated. The key is to never give up.

If you’ve stumbled with your fitness resolutions, don’t worry. You can regain your footing if you just keep trying.”

To help get your New Years resolutions back on track, Gideon suggests the following three tips are key to accomplishing your goals:

  1. Remember your “why”
  2. Realign your goals
  3. Have fun

Remember Your “Why”

It’s always a good idea to slow down and meditate on what inspires us each day. That is a critical first step in following through on any commitment. This is true whether we are starting a new diet, acquiring a new skill, learning a new language or decluttering the garage.

“You started for a reason,” Gideon says. “Go back to that reason and draw energy and inspiration from it.”

Realign your Goals and Resolutions

It’s just as hard to undo bad habits as it is to form good habits. Sometimes we forget that. Thus, we have to take a step back and consider what is realistically achievable, both in the long-term and in the short-term. Life-changing goals don’t usually happen overnight.

“If you set your goals too low or too high to start, find that middle ground that pushes you and challenges you, but is still obtainable.”

Have Fun with your Resolution

Spend less time thinking about what people are doing or saying on social media and more time finding your comfort zone. The truth is that you’re not alone. If you focus on the right things, you are sure to achieve your goals and make new friends in the process. Before long, you will be the one giving advice on New Year’s resolutions in 2021.

“Remember, you want to enjoy the process,” Gideon says. “You want to change and turn this into a lifestyle. So, make sure that what you’re doing is fun and enjoyable to you.”

Watch Gideon give more advice on New Year’s Fitness Resolutions in the video below, or learn some new moves with his Bodyweight Workout.

Gideon Akande Profile Pic and Bodyweight Workout Expert

Gideon Akande

•@MensHealthMag Top Trainer  •2x Chicago Golden Gloves champ? •World Class Motivator

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