The Best Health and Fitness Holiday Gift Ideas

The Best Health and Fitness Holiday Gift Ideas 

Coming up with good gift ideas is often one of the hardest parts of the holiday season. Whether you’re hunting for items to put on your own wish list or seeking to surprise a loved one with a great present, it’s no easy task to find anything that will still be appreciated beyond just a few months.


Fortunately, for those friends and family who stay active or intend to in the new year, there are plenty of excellent, affordable options – from tech and gear to equipment and self-care. Check out these classic and innovative ideas before splurging on a fancy device that will be due for an upgrade this time next year.


Under the Desk Elliptical Machine: One of the biggest complaints among those who work typical 9-5 jobs, especially parents with young children, is a shortage of time for fitness. Exercise is important for those required to sit at a desk all day staring at a computer screen, so this gift gives them the chance to keep their legs moving while on the clock.

Cost: $249 (Cubi JRI)


Water Bottle: This one may sound trivial, but hydrating is an important part of staying healthy and maintaining a strong metabolism. Many people just need a simple reminder to drink more water, and a high-quality bottle often gives them something to reach for while sitting in meetings or after sending an email.

Cost: $25.95 (IronFlask) to $49.95 (HydroFlask)


Yoga Mat: Many yogis are content to exercise on a basic, cheap mat, yet would appreciate an upgrade if the cost came out of someone else’s wallet. Yoga mats are also great for dozens of other body-weight exercises that involve lying down on the ground, such as crunches and sit-ups.

Cost: $14.97 (TRX) to $58 (Lululemon)


Back and Neck Massager: You don’t have to be a fitness junkie to enjoy a good massage, but those putting their body under physical stress are sure to enjoy on-demand service with this Amazon best-seller. Make a 15-minute massage part of your bedtime routine if you have trouble dozing off and you might just find more energy to exercise the next day.

Cost: $64.95 (Zyllion Shiatsu)


Suspension Cables: Working from home during the pandemic has made working out from home more popular into 2021 and beyond, and suspension cables will accommodate nearly any fitness goal. You can find no shortage of different ways to stretch and flex your muscles with these cables on YouTube or Instagram, so the variety is virtually limitless. Best of all, their size and composition make them easy to store and effortless to bring with you on out of town trips.

Cost: $19.95 (Love Sweat Fitness) to $47.94 (Shelter Fitness)




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