This 100-Year-Old Man in PA Works Out 3 Hours Every Day at the Gym

This 100-Year-Old Man in PA Works Out 3 Hours Every Day at the Gym

A man in Pennsylvania made national news this week when TODAY spotlighted his disciplined exercise routine of daily workouts at his local YMCA. Les Savino told the show that he drives himself to the gym almost every day to get in close to three hours of exercise.

In addition to his remarkable consistency, Savino maintains a balanced approach with his workouts – alternating between weight lifting and cardio on different days of the week. He arrives around 7:30 each morning and leaves at 10:30.

“Exercise is much better than medicine,” Savino told TODAY. “A lot of people just live on pills, but I don’t. I take pills for high blood pressure and that’s the extent of it.”

Moderation is likely another reason for Savino’s remarkable health and longevity. He says he’s never been drunk but enjoys two cocktails every night. Although he enjoys desserts, he’s clearly not overindulging.

“A lot of people just gorge themselves on food. I just eat (until) my appetite is satisfied and then I stop,” he said.

Warren Harding was the U.S. President when Savino was born in 1922. Since then, Savino has seen 27 other men hold the office, most of whom have since passed.

“I don’t feel like going now that I’m 100, but I still go. I know that it’s necessary if I want to enjoy life. Most people at 100 no longer enjoy life. My days are just as normal as when I was 30,” Savino said.

Sadly, the workout warrior has been a widower for the last 11 years. He was married to his high school sweetheart for 70 years before she passed away at age 89. Savino is now a great-grandfather.

For decades, research has linked exercise to long life. In July, a Harvard study found that people who followed the minimum guidelines for physical activity reduced their risk of early death by as much as 21 percent. Moreover, those who went above and beyond the minimum requirements saw an increase of 31 percent.


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