This Mom Beat Obesity and Now Helps Families Get Fit

This Mom Beat Obesity and Now Helps Families Get Fit

The old saying “Momma knows best” can be applied to many things in life, including fitness. One mom in the UK is taking this concept to a new level.

Sylwia Juranek, a 38-year-old mother in Wednesbury, England, started Active Stars – a free fitness group for families called Active Stars.

Juranek’s inspiring story was recently profiled by BBC News.

“I want children to be growing up in healthy families,” she told the outlet. “Understanding how important it is to come outside, get some fresh air and have a healthy lifestyle.”

Journalist Liz Copper and Susie Rack spoke with the motivated mother, and told her story:

Ms Juranek, a single mum and director of community interest company Reach for a Star, found her son also benefited from the time spent exercising together.

“He would hop on his bike or his scooter and I just would walk behind him and start walking really fast,” she said.

“I started losing weight, I started feeling better and his results at school have improved as well, his behaviour changed and our relationship improved.”

Initially finding it hard to do 3,000 steps a day when she started in 2019, she built up to 18,000 by pushing herself a little further each time.

Within three years, she had lost 28kg (4 stones and 5 pounds) and now believes in the power of setting goals.

“With the kids we always tell them to push themselves a little extra,” she said.

Parent Connor, who attended a session with daughter Luna, said the group was “brilliant” for fitness and sociability.

“It’s outside it’s in nature, it’s different kids who can all talk and play and make friends doing it,” he said.

Juranek’s story reveals how starting small with realistic goals – such as going for a short walk once a day – can empower people to get health and eventually achieve more ambitious goals. Once Juranek learned how to take charge over her own health, she was able to help others do the same.


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