Veggie Burger with a Pop

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Tooth.and.Nail is a creative director & photographer whose work focuses on food and manicures.

Plant-based protein is all the rage these days. And thanks to our friend Juliana Scheider (@_tooth.and.nail_) we have a veggie burger that transcends the typical plant-based alternative.

Nowadays, it seems as if you can find a veggie burger anywhere, from your neighborhood diner to the closest fast-food joint. But veggie burgers, especially this recipe, are practically begging to be made in your own kitchen. Burgers are a simple meal that do not require a lot of prep. As long as you get your hands on quality plant-based burgers, which you can find at your local grocer, then you are half way to cooking your own healthy burger alternative.

Schneider is not afraid to pair her patty with even more veggies. She likes to include spinach and a huge slice of onion to add flavor to the veggie burger. Her secret that makes this a complete meal? Schneider tops off her veggie burger with a fried egg, cooked just light enough so that the yolk can be pierced and splash the whole burger. Not only does the egg add taste, but also protein, which makes this meal the perfect post-workout fuel.

beyond burger patty frying on a grill
beyond burger with egg, lettuce, and onion on a bun dripping yolk
beyond burger with egg, lettuce, and onion on a bun

Veggie burgers are surprisingly easy to cook. Unlike regular meat patties, they do not require your grandfather’s secrete technique and recipe to produce a good burger. Veggie burgers that you can get from local grocers come with simple cooking instructions that allow them to be prepared and ready-to-eat in a matter of minutes.

The rise of these meatless burgers is merely a symptom of the innovations in food technology. Food technology might sound like an oxymoron, but the industry is really booming in 2019, and it is producing great meal alternatives and supplements in the process. According to CNN Business, financial analysts are predicting that “the alternative meat sector could reach about $140 billion in sales over the next decade, with companies like Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat leading the charge.” There are many reasons why food technology is becoming so popular, such as the beneficial impact of the climate. Breakthroughs in taste certainly helps too.

Watch the short video below to see how Juliana makes the perfect post-workout meal.  For more Tooth.and.Nail, check out her Grilled Octopus Recipe too.

Tooth.and.Nail profile pic of a hand holding delicious looking pastries


Tooth.and.Nail is a Chicago-based creative director & photographer whose work focuses on her passion for food and manicures.

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