Will Peloton’s Success Continue in 2021 as Gyms Reopen?

Will Peloton’s Success Continue in 2021 as Gyms Reopen?

Few companies were better positioned to thrive during COVID-19 quarantines than Pelton. After all, more time at home means more opportunity to hop on the fancy stationary bike that has made Peloton a house-hold name around the world. Still not even a decade old, the company that helped take at-home fitness to another level could be facing a setback this year, as gyms continue to reopen across the country and around the world. In fact, “Peloton’s stock price went down 25 percent when news of a vaccine came out,” according to a recent article in Slate written by Seth Stevenson. It’s unclear how people’s lifestyle changes will remain indefinitely in the coming years, but the camaraderie of in-person interactions available at gyms and health clubs threatens to stymie Peloton’s extraordinary growth over the past year. Read more.


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